Bohol is situated to the east of Cebu and is about 3 hours away by ferry
instead of trying to find your own way about the island the best way is to
book in at your resort and then arrange a escorted tour with a driver native
to the island.
They will takeyou to all of the things listed below plus other sites of interest
the quickest way to Bohol is by air but a more relaxing way is by ferry
and you can see many other islands from a distance as you sail to Bohol
The Chocolate mountains are the most popular venue for visitors
to Bohol legend saysthat the hills were formed as a result
of two giants fighting but most scientists think that millions
of years ago Bohol was under water and as the tide has moved
back the drying of the limestone made it swell.
If you feel fit you can climb up the viewing platforms
and get a better view and pictures of the hills 1776 hills
covering an area of over 20 sq mile
If you have the head for heights cross
the hanging bridge to see the Coconut man
who can rip open a coconut
with his bare teeth in ten seconds
No visit to Bohol would be complete
without a visit to see the smallest variety
of monkey in the world the "Tarsia"
native only to this island and feeding on cockroaches almost as big as himself
boat boat boat boat
A cruise on the Loboc river will cost 300 peso with a free buffet meal
Along the river you will stop to hear the local school children sing the collection is to help towards their education